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By grace of Allah, I used to study different Islamic sites and getting benefits of the Islamic knowledge. I started collecting question and answers from these sites. Then with the advice of my nephew Amjad Khan, I agreed to let these Question & Answers be available on Internet. As he was the one to advise me so I given him the task and he is the one who has formatted this web on internet.

There are many websites available on internet for Islamic knowledge having options of responding Question and getting answers. However as there are tremendous number of questions and answers, it may be difficult to explore all of them. Generally people are also reluctant to ask their questions.

I have tried to collect questions on all important topics relating to Islam, which are generally being asked by Muslims and Non Muslims. I therefore think that this site may be beneficial to all general viewers for upgrading their knowledge about Islam. Questions are collected from different sites and edited somewhere for simplicity and somewhere for more details.

In addition, I have listed Quranic “Selected Verses” related to different important topics so as to help users different verses on the topics. There is also link “Listen Quran” for listening Quran. Links are given to read Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Hajj and also an Urdu site option.

Also to let you know different good Islamic Internet sites, I have listed address of different Islamic sites. I greatly appreciate the scholars who are behind these sites and also the people who are managing these sites. Also there is link to BBC Religions for general knowledge of all major religions in brief.

Please study all options and guide me with your comments. I will be thankful for your comments to make this site more beneficial to all readers. Just for your information, I do not give any answers to questions, so if your questions are not on this site, then you must put your questions directly at those Islamic sites.





This page was last updated on 21-Dec-2008.


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